Auto Glass
The Maxstop projectile will penetrate both laminated and tempered auto glass at all but extreme angles, and can produce incapacitating and/or fatal wounds up to two feet beyond the point of impact.

For this demonstration we placed a piece of 1/2" thick structural plywood 2 feet behind a piece of OEM windshield glass set at a 45 degree angle.  We then fired a Maxstop I.R.P. round through the windshield and through our 1/2" structural plywood "bad guy" without breaking our glass backstop 10 feet downrange.
Medically supervised tests indicated the resulting wounds resembled blunt impact type wounds, more than conventional gunshot wounds, with substantial tissue and bone trauma. The medical team deemed them comparable to a heavy impact from a baseball bat or even a sledgehammer, and considered them incapacitating with a high potential of lethality.

An important advantage of using Maxstop ammunition is that when fired into an automobile the total lethal potential is typically expended within that specific vehicle, and poses very little danger to other traffic even in the immediate vicinity.

Store Front Glass:
This is typically ΒΌ" heat strengthened or tempered glass, and even though harder, offers slightly less ballistic resistance than laminated auto windshield glass. Maxstop ammunition will typically penetrate this type of glass at up to a 45 angle with little deflection.