Bad Guy Behind Wall
In a situation where someone is shooting at an officer and takes cover behind an interior partition wall (or residential type door), the officer may return fire through the wall or door with Maxstop I.R.P. ammunition.

If the I.R.P. round does not hit a stud or other solid interior wall structure, it can provide up to a two foot zone, just on the other side of this type of wall, that can produce incapacitating or potentially fatal wounds.

Medically supervised tests indicated the resulting wounds resembled blunt impact type wounds, more than conventional gunshot wounds, with substantial tissue and bone trauma. The medical team deemed them comparable to a heavy impact from a baseball bat or even a sledgehammer, and considered them incapacitating with a high potential of lethality.

A safe non-lethal range from the exit point through this type of wall would be approximately ten feet with the possibility of moderate abrasive type flesh wounds. At this distance two layers of 11 oz. denim or tactical type clothing will dissipate the discharge to the point of a low probability of even minor flesh wounds.