Body Armor
The focused pressure wave created during a direct torso impact on soft body armor, up to and including NIJ STD Threat Level IIIA, can easily cause sufficient internal injuries to immediately incapacitate, and possibly prove lethal. However, the Maxstop projectile will typically fully expend all its energy without penetrating a single layer of Kevlar.

This video shows just how transparent soft body armor is to the effects of the Maxstop I.R.P.  We covered a 2" thick  concrete block with a NIJ Threat Level II ballistic vest panel and fired the I.R.P. into the center of the vest.  Judge for yourself how the "bad guy" would react in this situation.

Entry team information:
If the Maxstop strikes any solid object before hitting someone wearing body armor, as in the case of "friendly fire" where a round penetrates a partition wall and strikes an unseen officer, the potential of lethality or even serious injury is greatly reduced.