Close-Quarters Tactical
All too often violent offenders will use any available group of people as cover. This can range from a bank robber taking hostages, a gunman using a bus or subway for an escape, or even the terrorist looking to kill or wound the most people possible in a bomb attack. In any of these situations there are innocent people in very close proximity to the target.

To demonstrate the close quarter potential of the Maxstop I.R.P., we placed 2 one-gallon plastic containers filled with water 3 feet apart with a layer of denim cloth between them.  (The denim is used to illustrate that normal clothing would prevent injury in this scenario.)

We then fired an I.R.P. round through the first container directly toward the second one.  The water being carried by the pressure wave knocked the second container off the stand but otherwise left it completely undamaged.

Maxstop is perhaps the best ammunition ever developed for this type of situation. Even in the unlikely event the round does fully penetrate a human target, the possibility of inflicting unintended injuries downrange is almost nonexistent. Beyond two feet past the intended target the round could be considered, for all practical proposes, harmless.