Hard Target
This demonstration is designed to prove that the ballistic polymer projectile casing doesn't allow the projectile just to "splash" when contacting a hard target. Maxstop ammunition is designed to go through a controlled expansion process even when hitting the toughest targets.

High velocity 00 Buck will bounce off the 16 ga. hot rolled steel plate seen in this video clip.

Residential Non-Masonry Exterior Walls
Occasionally law enforcement agencies are called on to return fire into a dwelling from outside. The most common non-masonry exterior wall materials in the U.S. are vinyl siding, aluminum siding, or stucco over a plywood or OSB substrate.
If the Maxstop does not hit a stud or other solid interior wall structure, it can provide a one to two foot zone, just on the other side of this type of wall, which can produce incapacitating or potentially fatal wounds. Within ten feet from the impact with this type of wall structure the round becomes non-lethal and will typically lose all its energy before exiting the first room.

Auto Doors and Body Panels
If only the sheet metal skin of a car door is encountered, the round will produce incapacitating if not fatal wounds to anyone just inside the door within the passenger compartment. However, our tests have shown that there are simply too many metal substructures such as side impact panels and internal structural framework hidden inside car doors, and bodies, to guarantee effectiveness. A better alternative would be shooting through the glass or shooting out the tires. Tire shots can be taken safely with little to no danger from ricochet.