Tactical Ammunition Comparison Chart
The Problem With Tactical Ammunition
When 00 buckshot is fired in a residential neighborhood. A standard 12 gauge load of 00 buckshot is being fired toward a house from a range of 30 feet. The buckshot penetrated a solid wood privacy fence, an exterior wall with vinyl siding, and two interior walls and still maintained lethal energy.

Although 00 buckshot was used, it very accurately represents the minimum penetration of practically all tactical handgun, rifle, or submachine gun ammunition currently in use. (All wall panels were constructed to meet or exceed national building code standards.)
The Maxstop I.R.P. Solution
A Maxstop I.R.P. round is fired toward our simulated house from 30 feet. It penetrates the privacy fence and blows vinyl siding off the exterior wall and comes to a complete stop there. In a missed shot scenario the potential for collateral damage is kept to a minimum.
The Over-Penetration Issue
The over penetration potential of 00 buckshot and almost all other types of conventional tactical ammunition after shooting through a dense viscous target (bad guy). After hitting and fully penetrating the initial target 00 buckshot passes right through two interior wall panels and delivers lethal energy to an innocent bystander two rooms away.
Over Penetration Issue Resolved
The Maxstop I.R.P. round shot through a dense viscous target (bad guy) with interior walls, and an innocent bystander down range. Tremendous power is delivered to the target with almost no danger to anyone beyond.


To achieve a high degree of stopping power you must be willing to accept an equally high degree of risk of collateral damage.

Maxstop I.R.P. (Impact Reactive Projectile) ammunition changes everything. Now you can have all the power without the high liability. Put more firepower down range in more situations with less danger to hostages, neighbors, or innocent bystanders than ever before.
The Ultimate Problem... "The Slug"
Shooting a standard 1 once slug toward a vinyl sided house from 30 feet. The slug passes through a solid wood privacy fence and easily penetrates the entire house with retained lethal energy on the other side.

While this is intended to illustrate a missed shot, the slug could still exhibit almost this same level of energy after hitting an initial target. In earlier tests, shooting through an automobile before the round hit the house and it still penetrated all the way through with estimated lethal energy on the other side.

Few people appreciate that a 12 gauge slug delivers a level of penetration and raw power almost unsurpassed in shoulder fired weapons. (All wall panels were constructed to meet or exceed national building code standards.)