Urban Tactical
Maxstop ammunition is designed specifically to create the fastest incapacitation of a threat, in face to face confrontations in crowded environments, with the least potential of unintended injury, around or downrange of the target.

This video illustrates the massive energy transfer that makes the Maxstop I.R.P. both effective and safe.  In this demonstration the .73 caliber, 540 gr. I.R.P. round hits a 1 gallon plastic container filled with water at over 1,000 fps just 10 feet from our glass backstop.

Depending on the circumstances, in most cases the projectile will not exit a human sized target allowing shots to be taken in very close proximity to hostages or bystanders with minimal risk of unintended injuries.

Attack Dogs
Many agencies have confronted trained attack dogs, especially during drug raids. Maxstop ammunition can be used against this type of threat with little or no over penetration, and will stop an attack instantaneously even against the largest and most vicious breeds.